Institution des Collines

Playdate or Birthday Party

A party like no others.

A playdate with friends or a birthday celebration, any reason is a good one for a "Kids' Party".

The Institution des Collines for you and your friends.

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Our party package is a uniq way to celebrate any occasion and highlight a special day for any kid. We make sure the host will feel special and entertain the guests - children or parents. During this time, the Institution des Collines becomes a private place for hosts and guests with ease and comfort.
Our package caters for 10 children and 2 adults. From there, the hosts can add the number of guests that desire want - up to the facility’s limits.

  • Birthday Party,
  • End of school year,
  • Kindergarten graduation,
  • Playdate,
  • Any reason you can think of...

Party Bundle "10 Children - 2 adults" starting kit

5’950’000 vnd

Extra guest - kid 220’000 vnd
Extra guest - adult 200’000 vnd
Extra hour 1'950’000 vnd
Option - Birthday cake (10 children) Starting at 800’000 vnd
Option - Soap Bubbles Clown Show (15 - 20 minutes) 2’200’000 vnd
Option - Magician Show with animals (15 - 20 minutes) 2’950’000 vnd
Option - Face Painting (per hour) 750’000 vnd
Option - Balloons decor 1'450’000 vnd
General conditions are subject to changes without notice.
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The buffet comprises of a set of finger food, detox water, lemongrass tea, tea and coffee. The finger food buffet assortment depends on the number of people and can contain: meat balls, fired rice, guacamole, nachos, mini pizzas, watermelon balls and other things.

The birthday cake is prepared on order and customised.

Several other options are available such as:

  • Soap Bubbles Clown Show,
  • Magician show with animals,
  • Face Painting,
  • Other activities are also available on request.

Should you have any additional request or question, let us know.

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